Gods Warriors

Gods Warriors Guild
Earthen Ring Alliance

Gods Warriors Guild was born in November 2004 as the World of Warcraft game released to the general public. Please feel free to brows the following information if you would like to know more about who and what we are.

Gods Warriors Community
Alliance Realms

Gods Warriors Community has a simple mission and that is for all of its members to enjoy World of Warcraft game content in a safe relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere with their friends and fellow community members.

GWC Mission

To enable this to happen successfully the Guild and Community has defined its own Code of Ethics which is complemented by some basic rules and regulations that we kindly ask our fellow members to follow. These give each and every member a common indication and guideline of how we expect them to interact within the guild and the community and equally with other gamers in the World of Warcraft Realms.

Greetings and Salutations from the Founders

The Gods Warriors Community Founders Alexander Pictorian Ravenholdt a Human Rogue and Galadrien Ashara Feathermoon an Elven Huntress are known simply as ‘Pic’ and ‘Gala’ within the Community are based upon Earthen Ring an RP server. They run Gods Warriors guild and have chosen to extend this into a cross-realm community and invite other guilds groups and individuals to join a common cause and to provide a safe haven for us to collectively flourish. This community is a place where players can gather to benefit from the collaboration that a cross-realm community has to offer. Ultimately we are a Community focused on Raiding Heroics and pushing Mythic plus dungeons but many also make time for RP and PVP on occasion.