Gods Warriors Community

Community Code of Ethics:

The Community has a code of ethics which are written to enable Officers and Leaders to manage the Community fairly and honestly. It is to be used to define what is expected of our members.

That said Gods Warriors is also meant to be a learning community. So in order to maintain a culture and climate that supports learning, friendships, and game goals it is necessary to provide some general rules and guidelines for engagement within a fair, ethical and transparent community structure. This is always an evolving document, so your thoughts and feedback are appreciated.

The Code of Ethics that Gods Warriors follows

Within Gods Warriors Community we strive to uphold our laws and ethics and are therefore known as a ‘Lawful Good’ Community - Lawful good do what is right. They follow the laws of their leadership and the laws of the land to the utmost sense of the word.
To explain how this fits into World of Warcraft we need to look at the different moralities which can be broken down into subcategories as follows. Remember that this is a little bit more advanced for an RPer, but it also shapes the way your character acts to given situations or feels about the events going on around him/her and in the world abroad.

Further information upon Morality within World of Warcraft:

The three base moralities (or alignments) are Good, Neutral and Evil, these then break into their respective subcategories of Chaotic Neutral and Lawful.

Chaotic Good - Chaotic good alignments do the right thing, regardless of the law of the land. They will do whatever it takes to server the light side of things, no matter who it pisses off in the process. Chaotic Good characters WILL NOT cause anyone to die in the process of doing what is right UNLESS that person is the problem. Some chaotic good examples in WoW would be Tirion Fordring and members of the Cenarion Circle are all good examples of Chaotic Good alignments.
Neutral Good - Neutral Good are your run of the mill good guys. They do what is right so long as it serves them and doesn't go completely against law of the land. They are more likely to bend the rules then break them, as a chaotic alignment would. Jaina Proudmore would be good example of neutral good characters.
Lawful Good - Lawful good do what is right. They follow the laws of their land to the utmost sense of the word. Most of the paladins of the Silver Hand are Lawful Good. Also Varian Wyrnn could be considered Lawful Good as he follows the laws of kingdom.

Chaotic Neutral - Chaotic Neutral (or CN) characters are the loners. They follow their own code of ethics. They do not side themselves with either good or evil, as they feel this will hamper their own personal freedom, as either side would have someone to command them, which they would rather do themselves. *Most of the Elemental Lords and even Nat Pagle could be considered Chaotic Neutral.
True Neutral - The true neutral character will do as they see fit, disregarding whether or not that action is good or evil, lawful or chaotic. Most goblins and their gnomish engineer counterparts could be considered true neutral.
Lawful Neutral - Tends to hate the chaos the other two of this alignment flourish in. They like order and tend to follow a code of ethics, whether it is their's, their king's or chosen Deity. The Kiron Tor and a good portion of the Druidic sect of the Kaldorei can be considered Lawful Neutral.

Chaotic Evil - Probably the easiest and most fun to play, chaotic evil alignment characters do whatever it takes to get what they want. They kill whoever stands in their way, but they won't go killing just to kill, although it wouldn't bother them to. Sageras, Kil'jaden and Arthas are good examples of this alignment.
Neutral Evil - Neutral Evil characters do as they wish, but do not prescribe to any moral code and do not enjoy chaos. They kill only if it serves their own needs/desires. *The Defias and the Venture Co. are great examples of this in game.
Lawful Evil - Lawful Evil characters believe in following the laws/code that their leaders set forth. They believe that order is the best way to obtain power. They believe that all evil deeds should server a purpose and that it should be done in a very exact way. (Examples of this alignment in game would be the Scarlet Crusade and Cult of the Damned