Gods Warriors Community

The Community Content coverage:

Gods Warriors Community members enjoy most content in World of Warcraft. We have a large player base that actively run Dungeons, Raids and Scenarios giving a wide range of PVE content. Many members run PVP content in Arena, Battleground, PVP Raid Instances and World PVP content. Although our core realm “Earthen Ring” is designated as an RP realm our Community focus is more towards the collaborative cross-realm activities across both PVE and PVP content. We do however host occasional RP based events on a light and social basis.

Actively running current content within the Gods Warriors Community.

As a cross-realm community we have associated with many other guilds that have common goals and ethics. We have mutually endorsed and associated guilds within the Community.


Most of our Role Play events are based upon Earthen Ring (Alliance). However we do actively try where possible to open this to the community as much as possible. Gods Warriors Guild Co-Leader and High Sentinal, Galadrien Azshara Feathermoon an Elven Hunter from Azshara runs many of these RP style events. If you have a keen interest in joining any of these events as part of our Community please contact her for more information.