Gods Warriors Guild

The Gods Warriors Guild Rules.

Guild Rules are described in detail but it is important to note it is not the written word but the ethic that is truly important

Guild ranks are defined/explained. Officers will attempt to keep ranks correct, please check your characters and make sure that you have one listed as a main at the correct rank and that your alts are correctly assigned in the notes to this main character. Please speak to an officer if you have any questions about rank.

Many players play more than one character in the guild. Each should have a "main" with the appropriate rank based on the explanation in the guild rank structure. Other characters (alts) should be listed agains the main character. Please note in the "note" of your character who the alt belongs to (i.e.: "Alt") to assist people in keeping the multiple personalities straight. You may switch your main - just speak to an officer.

Gods Warriors is a guild of mostly adults and mature teens. Friends and Family members of guild members also play, as well as a few members who were recruited "in game". Recruiting educators is always encouraged. Inviting to the guild should be done with great care. Do not invite someone you have not played with in-game. Please be sure that those you may invite will be an asset to the guild and represent us well. Please make sure you tell an officer if you would like to invite someone to the guild.

Leaving the Guild:
We understand that not all players are fit for Gods Warriors and some may have goals in the game that Gods Warrios is either unable or unwilling to support. Leaving the guild to accomplish goals in the game that the guild is not capable of helping with is understood. However, joining another guild temporarily to run high end game content, only to come back to Gods Warriors may be seen by other guilds in a negative light. Gods Warriors believes in second chances when appropriate, but not third and fourth chances. If you are considering leaving the guild, please talk to an officer to discuss you reasons and goals in the game. Re-joining the guild will be left to the discretion of the officers. Note: It is not appropriate to empty the guildbank of items just prior to leaving the guild.