Gods Warriors Guild

The Gods Warriors Guild Rules.

Guild Rules are described in detail but it is important to note it is not the written word but the ethic that is truly important

No group can work well together without good communication. Please be sure to let others in the guild know when you need help. In all collaborative groups there are times when questions or concerns may arise. Please do not hesitate to voice your concerns at any time; all guild members should be respectful and productive with their contributions to conversation. Any issues should be brought to the attention of the guild officers and leaders as early as possible. Our officers and leaders are there to help facilitate conversations and solutions! Please never hesitate to speak with a guild officer or leader - either real time (in private chat if warranted) or by sending in-game mail. But please note that they are volunteers and games too

Chat Etiquette:
Gods Warriors is a family guild. As such, our conversations in guild chat often reflect that. Although the majority of the guild is involved in education, discussions in-game are sometimes not game related. Use of the game environment to discuss outside matters, particularly those related to education, is encouraged.

Voice Etiquette:
Gods Warriors has a registered ‘NFP’ TeamSpeak3 server
This voice option allows people to control when they come in and out of voice, no one owns "the call", you don't need to know all the user names of all the guild members, there is a push to talk option, we can host up to 512 people, the list of positives goes on and on.
Some guild members also use skype as a communication tool.