Gods Warriors Guild

The Gods Warriors Guild Rules.

Guild Rules are described in detail but it is important to note it is not the written word but the ethic that is truly important

Preparing for an instance:
Please make sure you have all needed supplies and items for quests when preparing for an instance run. In addition, please repair prior to coming to the instance location.

Grouping, Instance and Raid Specific Conduct:
Working in a raid or instance is very different than soloing in game. Every player has a specific job that takes time and practice to learn. Constructive criticism is appreciated, but blaming, demeaning, or insulting the performance of another player is not acceptable.

Loot Rules:
Our group loot rules are simple. Group loot is set standard to "group loot" with roll for rare drops. Greed anything you like. You must however ask a group to click need. Do not "need" an item that is not an upgrade for something you are currently using. Every once in a while in game you come across chests or crates of items. When in a group it is appropriate to use /roll to determine who will loot the chest/crate. Disenchanting: sometimes the materials acquired from disenchanting an item are worth more to the players in a group than the item itself. If there is a disenchanter in the group and all members agree, the DE can need the item and all members /roll on the mats created. In Guild Raids we often use more specific raid loot rules which will be defined by the raid leader.

Game Add-Ons:
Many guild members use add-ons (small applications that enhance the game interface in a customised way). Some add-ons work more efficiently when other members of the guild use the same add-ons. Add-ons are not required however please consider speaking to our Leaders and Officers if you are unsure.