Gods Warriors Guild

The Gods Warriors Guild Rules.

Guild Rules are described in detail but it is important to note it is not the written word but the ethic that is truly important


Guild Bank:
The Guild Bank is the resource provided for the guild to share materials, gear, food, and other items. Players are limited in the number of items per day they may withdraw by rank. Please also consider sharing items that you loot, create, acquire by placing them in an appropriate place in the bank (notice we ATTEMPT to keep it organised). Note: Please do not put grey items in the guild bank. Please note that once you place something in the guild bank - it belongs to the guild community and it available for anyone in the guild who has access to take/use.

Some players choose to play with a "Bank Alt" (a low level toon that resides in a major city for the purpose of managing inventory, personal banking and auction house needs). Bank alts will be placed as the rank of second division and will have guild bank access accordingly.

Only the guild master or designee should remove things or "weed" from the bank to sell off. The money gained from this will be placed back in the guild bank.

Working Outside the Guild:
There are times we all need to work outside the guild, on group quests, in PUG's, and in trading. Gods Warriors is a guild of educators and as such needs to maintain a reputation as fair, honourable players in the game. Please consider that you represent Gods Warriors in all aspects of what you do in the game.

Skills and Resources:
We all work hard in game to acquire resources and develop our skills. These can often benefit other players and can command high prices in game. Gods Warriors members work together to share their skills and often materials as well. We do not charge each other for skills. However, either compensation or assistance in gathering materials is highly appreciated and recommended.

Calendar and Scheduling:
The in-game calendar will be used to schedule events. Events include but are not limited to group quests, instances, raids, achievements, guild meetings. workshops, AND social gatherings. Guild Leaders and Officers can add to the calendar. Guild members are encouraged and even expected to join schedule events. Please be sure to invite all eligible players to any event you create. Please adhere to scheduled times. When an event is scheduled to begin at 7PM server time, party members are expecting to be ready and prepared before the start time so that the group can begin the instance as close to published time as possible. Please be considerate of this and factor in your travel and prep time when logging in.